5 facts about shaving that simply aren’t true

With men’s shaving, like any actions you undertake, you’ll often read, or be told, supposed truths about what you should and shouldn’t do. So, to help with your grooming regimen, here are five ‘facts’ which simply don’t hold up to scrutiny…

1. After shaving, hairs grow back more quickly

They don’t! Shaving removes hair at the skin’s surface; this is what makes them seem a bit thicker (or even darker) when they grow through again. Genetics, not how often you shave, are in charge of your hair thickness and colour. In fact, the roots of your hair are usually about four layers below the actual surface of your skin.

2. You don’t need shaving gel or cream – soap does fine

When shaving, just using soap can actually help to dry out and irritate your skin. Men’s Shaving creams and gels can help preserve good moisture levels; your skin appreciates this tender touch!

3. You should always press harder for a closer shave

Well, only if you like receiving nicks or cuts! Think of using a peeler on a potato or an apple. The harder you press, the deeper the penetration. A light touch allows the razor to glide

4. Using a new razor blade leads to more nicks

The opposite is true. An older blade, even marginally dulled in its edge, can pull slightly at your skin as well as at the hairs themselves. On the other hand, a new blade delivers a quicker, cleaner, closer cut. Older blades also tend to add to your level of skin irritation

5. Regular shaving means you lose your tan more quickly

We only heard this one quite recently! In fact, men’s shaving helps remove dead and flaky skin, often making your tan look more healthy and glow better

Ensuring the best-possible shave

Jack Kemp, a US pro-footballer turned politician, reckoned that ‘Winning is like shaving – you do it every day or you wind up looking like a bum’. Might be a bit harsh, but there’s no doubt good grooming promotes skin health and a positive lifestyle. Choosing the best products, and matching such choices to an effective shaving regime, helps you feel the way you want to, and produces the results you’d like the world to see…

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