Men’s Shaving, Are you a hare or a tortoise shaver?


Men’s Shaving – You’ve surely heard the old story; in fact, it’s one of Aesop’s Fables first told more than 2,500 years ago. It talks of the race between the swift tortoise and the slow-moving hare and suggests that slow and steady would often win the race. But, bringing the lesson learned right up-to-date, is the same suggestion generally true of shaving?

Well, yes, at least up to a point. Trying to rush the process can lead to unwanted nicks and cuts, and a perhaps less than perfect finish. However, rather than the pressure of time, the best shaves are more often about the pressure of touch when it comes to men’s shaving.

Lighten up and take it easy

There’s a fallacy that some guys have bought into for decades, and it’s this: the harder you press, the closer the shave. It’s not true: too much pressure is more likely to lead to cuts, and also is a prime cause of an irritated skin surface after a shave.

Develop a routine with a dash of the tortoise’s slow and careful behaviour. Making use of steady and consistent motion, with strokes of between two and five centimetres, tends to deliver the most consistent outcomes.

Water and grain – a winning combination!

This sounds like a recipe for something healthy and it is. Just not to eat, but instead for well-groomed skin after shaving. Start with water – experts recommend that you rinse your blade completely clean before each and every shaving stroke you make. It makes sense because a clogged-up razor is bound to miss bits, leaving an uneven, partially-shaved finish.

From water to grain – you know how people with a tendency towards awkward behaviours are sometimes said to be ‘going against the grain’? It’s the same when grooming your face. If you shave with the grain, you get a smoother finish. Against the grain, you can suffer from razor burns and are more likely to end up with ingrown hair.

Before you hare off to your busy life…

…one final skincare tip. Guys sometimes forget that shaving is a way of exfoliating the skin. This makes it more vulnerable to sunburn; so do apply your chosen protective potion to your beautifully-shaved skin!

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