Five reasons your face keeps breaking out with pimples!

reasons your face keeps breaking out

How to stop making these mistakes!

There are many reasons for pimples. What you probably don’t want to hear is that your breakout-prone skin is the result of your lifestyle choices. Although some men are more prone to breakouts than others, generally, most breakouts are caused by lifestyle choices. Whether it be from stress, poor diet or unsuitable skincare choices, men like you can easily avoid breakouts with some simple switches and quick fixes. In this article, we outline five common breakout triggers and how to avoid them and the natural skincare you need to start using.

Here are 5 reasons for pimples and why you may be breaking out!

Dirty Bedding

Your trusty pillowcase is a breeding ground for bacteria. We spend hours with our face against the material, which harbours bacteria, dirt, product residue and all kinds of yuck until laundry day. During the night, our skin absorbs the pollutants trapped in the linen, leading to breakouts. Thankfully, the fix for this issue involves a simple routine; we recommend washing and changing your pillowcases at least once a week and prioritising morning and evening cleansing to address build-up before and after sleep.

Diet Woes

Your skin visually represents everything you consume, reacting to the occasions when we flood our bodies with junk food, sugar, processed foods and excessive alcohol consumption. Your skin can also react to the foods that your body doesn’t tolerate, such as gluten, dairy and alike nutritional sensitivities. Reviewing your diet is essential for breakout-prone skin, as minimising your consumption should help you manage your skincare issues induced by food. It’s important to be aware that while skincare helps manage symptoms, no amount of natural, organic or any other type of skincare application can fix poor diet choices.

Poor Skincare Choices

While skincare cares for and balances the PH in your skin. Choosing products that aren’t suitable for your skin types will undo all of your good intentions. Poor skincare choices may involve selecting products with ingredient bases you are sensitive to. Additionally, using non-organic or natural skincare. Made with harsh chemicals, parabens, preservatives and artificial fragrance, can irritate the skin, leading to breakouts quickly.


Most men find themselves prone to stress acne. Times of stress causes the body to overproduce cortisol, which in turns triggers the hormone sebum in the skin. With too much sebum the pores become quickly clogged, leading to the outbreaks. Managing your stress overall is essential to healthy skin, which can involve diet, exercise and recreation modifications.

Skipping the basics

It’s amazing how many people splash out on an expensive anti-acne product when they haven’t even got their basics in check. A simple routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising in the morning and at night can make all the difference. Other no-brainers for good men’s skincare include drinking lots of water and always wearing SPF during the day. If you want to apply something directly onto your spots, look for natural compounds with antibacterial properties like good old tea tree oil.

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