Men’s skincare 101: the do’s and don’ts to perfect skin


Every man should have a skincare routine, while most people think skincare is just for female skin, men can experience the same breakouts, anti-ageing concerns, and damage from our environment.

With dedicated and natural skincare designed specifically to treat men’s skin concerns, there is no excuse to not look after your skin all year round. Here are our simple do’s and don’ts to men’s skincare, and three easy to apply recommendations to get you started!

Do use daily facewash

Our face can attract impurities and dirt during the normal course of a day, so it is important to cleanse the face well twice daily, and particularly after exercise. We recommend using a face wash that is specifically for the face, as these types of cleansers are gentler for the finer skin.

When choosing your facewash, choose natural, organic cleansers that are free from harmful chemicals, such as parabens and allergens that irritate the skin.

Do use a natural moisturiser

Moisturising is just as important as cleansing the face. Throughout the day, we lose moisture from the skin, often from heating and cooling in our homes or offices, and from the changing seasons fluctuating in temperature and humidity. A moisturiser will help lock in moisture, as well as balance the natural oils in your skin.

The perfect moisturiser won’t feel greasy or oily on your face. If you have experienced this sensation before, it may be due to using the incorrect type for your face needs. Just like your cleanser, opt for an organic, natural moisturiser that is specific for men that addresses your skin concerns.

Don’t neglect your skin health

Your overall health affects your skin’s health, appearance, and feeling to touch. While it is important to have a regular skincare routine using organic-based products, your lifestyle choices are equally as important.

To ensure your skin health is the best it can be, we recommend:

  • Apply sunscreen to your face and neck daily, and choose daily moisturisers with SPF included in the ingredients.
  • Stay hydrated – Water will help cleanse the toxins from your body and avoid excess build up in the skin.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking – alcohol dehydrates the body, and in turn, dries out the skin. Smoking is one of the greatest accelerants of ageing, depriving the skin of essential nutrients to remain healthy and hydrated.

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