Men’s skincare

men's skin care

How to care for your skin at every age?

Every man expects grey hairs and wrinkles as they grow older. But no one said you should succumb to inevitable ageing willingly. Men’s skincare needs are different at every age. As the skincare routine from your teenage years will often fail to suffice when you reach your fifties. As you evolve, so should your skincare. In this article we take you through the necessary products and the ideal routine for your skin at every age, breaking down the essential areas to focus on as you grow older, wiser, and better looking!

Skincare in your 20s

Often plaguing younger skin is oil production issues. Male skin is prone to excessive oil production, which leads to blackheads, pimples and significant outbreaks. To address this issue:

  • Use a natural and organic face cleanser that is oil-free and designed for oil control
  • Implement cleansing into your daily routine, both morning and night
  • Complete additional facial cleansing after exercise or after excessive periods exposed to the elements
  • Control your oil production by using a natural, organic men’s skincare moisturiser. Moisturiser balances the oils in your skin and helps prevent breakouts.
  • Incorporate sun protection into your daily routine, which will benefit your skin’s appearance and health in later life
  • Prioritise natural skincare choices, to help balance the sensitivity of your skin, while reducing your exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals that contribute to ageing

Skincare in your 30s

Men’s skincare needs between their thirties and twenties do not vary as much in the earlier years. However, this time of your life requires you to be proactive in accommodating your skin’s changing needs. The following outlines the best routine to implement:

  • Oil production and breakouts are still an issue in your thirties so utilise an oil control cleanser and moisturiser as you did in your twenties
  • In your late thirties, reassess your cleanser choice, as you may find your oil production will lessen, and you will develop dry patches
  • Incorporate a gentle exfoliator into your skincare routine to accommodate for any dry skin patches. Opt for natural skincare choices, as other options may prove too harsh for the gentle facial skin.

Skincare in your 40s and beyond

When it comes to men’s skincare during your forties, you will notice significant changes to your hair, the fullness of your skin’s appearance, and a decrease in the oil production around your former troublesome spots. What will be your skin’s best friend during these years is:

  • A natural moisturiser, designed to provide intense hydration for men in their forties
  • Anti-ageing serums and brightening products, as these will help to settle the appearance of ageing while helping to repair the damage from lifestyle and dietary choices
  • Daily sunscreen application, which is essential at this age and should remain a staple of your skincare routine for life

Healthy skincare at every age

Developing a skincare routine at any age is vital, and it’s never too late to start using products specific to your skin. Your lifestyle and dietary choices, such as consuming junk food, alcohol and smoking, will age your skin quickly. The earlier you can make healthier choices, the more positively the impact will be on your skin’s appearance.

Additionally, choosing specific men’s skincare products is best, as men and women differ in their skin needs, and female based products aren’t suitable to thoroughly address your needs. Natural skincare and organic-based ingredients are best for your skincare and grooming needs, especially for sensitive skin, a healthier-looking appearance, and the longevity of your skin.

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