Common misconceptions surrounding men’s grooming


Although men’s grooming routines have a reputation as being more straightforward than those of women, there are still plenty of myths surrounding men’s skincare and grooming products. To help you avoid falling prey to misinformation, we’ve put together a few of the most common misconceptions:

Myth #1: Exfoliation can damage the skin

Exfoliation is usually an effective way of brightening the skin and can be particularly useful for those with beards. Indeed, exfoliation is designed to slough away dead skin cells and boost cell turnover. It is important to choose the right exfoliant, however. Avoid synthetic products containing abrasive plastics and opt for formulations containing natural grit or stone.

Myth #2: Using more than one skincare product will give you pimples

Some people get spots when first adjusting to a new skincare product. This problem will usually sort itself out within a few days or weeks, however. In fact, using multiple skincare products will ensure that your skin receives the care and attention it needs. At its most basic, your regime should include a face wash, exfoliator, and moisturiser that contain natural ingredients.

Myth #3: Beards do not need to be washed

Many men shampoo their head hair on a regular basis but totally overlook the need to wash their beard hair. This is a little gross when you consider the fact that the food you eat can collect in your beard, particularly if it is lengthy. To make things easier, simply use a natural all-purpose all body, body wash.

Myth #4: Premium skincare products care no better than discount options

Cheaper products tend to contain a higher percentage of water and are more likely to feature synthetic ingredients that are harsh on the skin. Try to opt for the highest-quality products that you can fit into your budget. There are some great products available in Australia, using Australian natives that are also in high demand around the world – we are the lucky country.

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