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How to find natural skincare for men

It’s almost impossible not to have noticed that we live in a more health-conscious world than ever before. However, as you head to the gym and eat more consciously, have you thought about what’s holding it all together – your skin health. As the largest organ in your body, your skin absorbs around 60% of the products you put on it. Unfortunately, not all skincare is created equally, and many men’s grooming products can be filled with toxic ingredients.

How to find natural skincare for men

Men’s skincare is just as big a business as women’s skincare so you’re not going to have to compromise on choice. Being spoilt for choice does mean you’ll need to take a little time to flip over your skincare products before you buy, to make sure they have natural and organic ingredients.

Look for green tea extract which can calm irritated skin after shaving and helps with acne. Witch hazel is great as a toner and cleanser. Caffeine is much better on your body than in your body as it can prevent wrinkles and reduce dark circles. Organic skincare with sage leaf and rosemary will act as antibacterial agents to keep your skin naturally clear. Aloe leaf will help to soothe and reduce redness. Vitamin C is also great on your body as well as in your body to help your skin look brighter, reduce fine lines and reduce dark spots. Vitamin E can also reduce puffiness, firms and hydrates your skin.

Skincare products

When you’re shopping for natural skincare, don’t just buy a product because it says it’s natural or organic on the front. Turn it over and check for toxic skincare ingredients such as:

  • Phthalates. These are synthetic fragrances which can cause long term problems for men’s health, including reproductive issues. Phthalates will often be listed simply as ‘fragrance’ which you will see on a lot of the cheaper skincare products.
  • Sulfates. These are what make your skincare products foam, but they are widely known to be toxic, with links to kidney and respiratory issues. Plus, this excess foam unnecessarily dries out your skin by washing away natural sebum oils.
  • Parabens. Parabens are a preservative skincare companies use to extend the life of their products, however, they have also been found to have estrogen producing properties.
  • Triclosan. Will be found in many antibacterial men’s grooming products. However, triclosan is an endocrine disruptor and interferes with your hormone production, affecting your brain, immune system and reproductive system.

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