Men’s Beard Care: Quick guide to choosing, growing and grooming your beard

Men's Beard Care

Men’s Beard Care: If you have decided to grow a beard – or already have one in place. Here are some points to consider to make the most of it. If you are about to start growing a beard, it can be a natural act to start trimming it quite soon. Experts recommend that you let it grow out for a while and then you can begin to trim.

Firstly, a question

Does your beard best suit the shape of your face? With a square jawline, consider keeping hair more luxuriant on your chin but shorter over the rest of the area being covered. If your face is rounder, then longer and to a gentle point on the bottom usually hits the mark. For a more oblong countenance, try fuller sides with a closer cropped bottom. Incidentally, if you have an oval face, lucky you – beards are generally easier to grow and balance symmetrically. So, let us look further into men’s beard care.

Actions to take before a trim

After washing, take a moment to comb the hairs straight and with the grain; this provides a clearer picture of the trim needed. Incidentally, beards also get split-ends which need to be dealt with! Hard plastic or wooden combs are recommended. One tip from experts for a stylish and smart-looking under-chin beard and neck area is to measure about 2-3cm above your Adam’s Apple. This can then be the bottom edge trim line of your full beard. You can then decide whether to completely shave under this point, or to use a graduated shave down your neck. When trimming your main beard area, start from your ears and work downwards, as this helps deliver an even trim. Scissors and a beard comb can then be used for final shaping and trimming.

Looking for a softer beard?

Using men’s grooming products, such as an oil or beard balm, place this on your beard and then massage it deeper in – a beard brush and then a good combing is also recommended for this activity, helping to ensure that the liquid gets deep into your beard.

If a beard is for you, then taking the time and effort to develop and maintain an attractive, managed beard is an important part of any skincare routine for positive skin health.

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