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Natural Shaving Better for you and the environment

For a lot of men, shaving is the most important part of their daily grooming regime. Unfortunately, shaving is not only incredibly harsh on your skin, but can also be harsh on the environment. Natural shaving techniques are really the way to go. Here are some tips to not only make your skin look great but to ensure you are reducing your impact on the environment.


The first thing to look at is your razor. Modern razors are seemingly only better because they simply have extra blades, and with this comes a whole lot of extra waste. Not only that but does your skin look and feel better with the extra friction that all of these blades add? Safety razors and other single blade razors give you a far closer shave, due to how sharp the razor is. They may look daunting and you may feel like you are going to cut yourself with every stroke, but with a bit of patience, you will end up with the closest shave you have ever had. Not only this, but you are also eliminating a lot of plastic waste from your grooming routine.

Blade Guide

Once you have a great razor, the next thing to look at is what you use to help the blade glide across your face and neck. It may be tempting to buy a cheap bottle of shaving cream, but if you switch to natural skincare products, you won’t only be helping your skin, but you will be helping the environment also.

Natural shaving alternatives

Natural shaving creams, soaps and oils are great alternatives to regular shaving creams. Alcohol, which is a common ingredient in many regular products, is known to dry skin and leave you with many blemishes. But alcohol isn’t the only ingredient to worry about in standard products – there are many other chemicals present, and if you do cut yourself, do you want these entering the cut?

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