Face soap, should I use soap on my face?

For busy men, with pressing work commitments, family obligations and exciting social lives, washing your face shouldn’t be complicated. Most men begin their skincare routine in the shower. Most likely using a bar of soap on every area of the body, including the face. However, what most don’t realise is how potentially damaging this product choice is. Specifically for the face and more generally the skin. In this article, we explain why you should always choose natural, organic facial cleansers over simple soaps.

What is ‘soap’?

Before we detail why soap is inadequate for your gentle facial skin, it’s essential to understand what type of soap we are describing. Soap comes in many forms, which can complicate your decisions, however, the soap you use on your body sometimes may not be right for your skin. Most men’s skincare packaging will indicate the area of the body it’s intended for, which will help clarify any confusion about the type of soap you use currently but generally try to stick to a natural product when looking for skin cleansers for your face.

Why soap isn’t ideal for the face

The skin on our face is incredibly sensitive compared to the rest of our body. It’s highly susceptible to fluctuations in sensitivity, becoming dry, oily or both as the environment around us changes. We can also experience irritability on facial skin as a result of our dietary choices, such as extreme dehydration which causes dryness and flaking, and excess sugar consumption which causes outbreaks and pimples.

With such sensitivity, your facial skin requires specifically designed products to combat the issues it’s likely to experience. With a formula designed to balance the facial skin’s PH level, and gently remove the day’s dirt build-up. A men’s natural organic facial cleanser will cleanse while ensuring your skin remains youthful and rejuvenated. This choice will also help to balance natural skin issues you may face, while also providing the benefits of the natural extracts in its ingredients.

Is there an exception to the rule?

When it comes to men’s facial cleansers, it’s possible to find an all in one body and facial cleanser within natural and organic skincare ranges. Some products are gentle enough to address both areas of the body. These should balance specific concerns, and will explain this on the packaging. The allure of natural and organic skincare is the lack of soap and harsh chemicals. These can strip the skin, making it versatile for allover use.

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