Strategies for taking care of fair and sensitive skin types

sensitive skin care tips

If you’re a man with fair skin that doesn’t react well to the sun then don’t despair, you’re in good company; think Prince Harry, Matt Damon and Ed Sheeran to name just a few. Many men require sensitive skin care.

These days, for men, there are some great methods of managing the health of your fair and ultra-sensitive skin:

  1. Defeat dryness with regular use of a facial moisturiser. Use after shaving and showering and before heading out for that all-important business meeting or after-work catch-up with friends. It’s also a good idea to moisturise before bed, especially after those extra-dry days of the year, such as the winter months. Use moisturisers with natural, organic ingredients such as aloe vera and antioxidant green tea, for their soothing and hydrating qualities.
  2. Combat shaving rash by using shaving gel instead of shaving cream. A hydrating gel enables you to limit irritation. How? By acting as a protector against redness and ingrown hairs and by allowing the razor to glide more easily, so you can avoid razor burn. Organic aloe vera, glucosides and jojoba are just some of the product ingredients to look for. They play an active part in nourishing and protecting the skin against inflammation.
  3. You don’t always have to be at the beach to be getting the sun’s UV rays. Once you are outdoors, those rays will target your white skin more than those with darker complexions. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be permanently covered in sunblock. A broad-spectrum SPF-defense skin moisturiser is the way to go. It blocks both UVA and UVB rays and also feels good on your skin. You can also wear wide-brimmed hats if you’re on the coast or out in the country. Very cool.
  4. There’s nothing quite as manly as an enticing aftershave. However, avoid aftershave splashes that contain alcohol. Instead, use an aftershave balm. These are hydrating lotions have a mild scent that soothe the skin instead of inflaming it. Just massage the balm gently into the skin. Select a balm with minimal fragrance and soothing properties such as chamomile and coconut oils. No stinging and no ugly red marks.
  5. When it comes to soap, especially for the face, steer clear of those that have fragrances and contain harsh ingredients like menthol. They can cause redness, dryness and irritation. Seek out cleansers that have antioxidants and pure oils and ingredients like cedarwood, olive oil, aloe, almond, argan, and vegetable glycerine. These cleansers will fight off impurities and give your skin a healthy glow.

Natural, organic skincare products are the key to soothing and nourishing pale, sensitive skin. Steer clear of products that contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances and chemicals. Instead, focus on products that contain A, C and E vitamins, are free of parabens and which contain bioactive, native extracts. Your local chemist or health care shop can guide you further and a visit to a dermatologist will give you helpful suggestions that can put you on the right path to sensitive skin care.

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