The best vitamin’s for men’s skin

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Guys, we get it. You don’t want to spend loads of time caring for your skin. But, the fact of the matter is that men need to take care of their skin too, often even more than women. Men put their skin through trials on a daily basis. If you are working outdoors in the sun, working with your hands, gym, or are exposed to dust and chemicals at your job, then there’s a good chance your skin has seen better days.

Even if you work indoors, the fact that many men aren’t raised to care for their skin means that yours might have already seen years of neglect. All men, of all ages, should know a little bit about how to keep their skin healthy, even if it’s just for appearance sake. Let’s face it, smooth and clear skin can’t hurt your chances in life and relationships.

The good news is, good skin health doesn’t need to mean hours pampering yourself in front of the mirror. In fact, skin health is more determined by the vitamins and nutrients we put into our bodies than what we rub on our faces. Health professionals will often say that skin health is a pretty good indication of overall health, so if you’re looking a little ragged and sallow, are breaking out in pimples, or have dark rings under your eyes, then maybe you need to think about which vitamins can turn your complexion around.

‘Fine,’ you might be thinking, ‘but where do I start?!’ ‘I don’t want to be popping pills from A to Z everyday!’ And that’s fair enough. We understand that there are more supplements on the market these days than there are minutes in the day. That is why in the below list we will breakdown which the best vitamins for skin health, so you can leave the rest on the shelf. Also, many of these vitamins are found WITHIN skincare products, so rather than taking a pill, if you choose the right products, you can incorporate them into your skincare regime.

Key Vitamins to look out for

Vitamin C

Remember when your mum used to give you those tasty orange flavoured pills to munch on in order to ward off a cold? Well, turns out Vitamin C is good for more than just that. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights against free radical damage and helps to improve the overall elasticity of skin. It reduces the effects of ageing and hyper-pigmentation, while also speeding up the healing process, and aiding in collagen production to keep you looking young.

Vitamin D

Most of us get Vitamin D naturally from the sun, but too much time in the sun inevitably causes skin damage. Therefore, finding other sources of Vitamin D is important for skin health. Vitamin D is integral for protecting the skin, and for its rejuvenation. Vitamin D helps cell growth, metabolism and repair. Like Vitamin C, it also helps the skin to fight damage from free radicals, and slows the ageing process.

Vitamin A

Here you have the ultimate natural hydrator. Vitamin A promotes natural moisturising in skin cells, which means that it helps to keep your skin hydrated, and will give you that supple glow that too many nights out slowly strips away for many of us. Vitamin A also helps the skin to fight against breakouts, and is often popular in the treatment of problem skin.

Vitamin E

Another popular treatment for skin disorders is vitamin E. Research has found that when applied topically as a cream or gel, vitamin E can speed up the healing process and to help skin repair more quickly. Known for its healing properties, vitamin E is effective from relieving sunburn, to treating acne, to reducing the appearance of scars, to healing burns.

In summary

Remember, your skin is not going to hide your inner secrets. It is not only our biggest organ, but also our most truthful, and it outwardly exhibits our inner health. Poor skin can be a result of many things: lazy skincare, high stress levels, lack of sleep, lifestyle habits, diet, and the ageing process.

Guys, we might not be able to control everything in our lives, but we can make some minor changes, and we can up the intake of these key vitamins for the skin to ensure our bodies are healthier, inside and out.

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