The effects of smoking on a man’s skin


Most men will surely now accept that, in general, smoking has many negative effects on health. Here, we’re going to focus on men’s skincare and the possible effects of smoking on your skin and on your health. We won’t be pulling any punches, so let’s start with the heavy-hitter…

Cancers of the skin

Squamous cell carcinoma, also known as SCC, recognised as the second most common form of the disease, often appears around the lip area of smokers. Smoking is suspected to substantially increase the risk of contracting SCC.


There is a range of factors that can cause this itchy, scaly, red skin disease to appear. Stress can be a major cause, but many experts believe that smoking can be another prime cause, as nicotine affects your immune system and healthy skin cell growth.


From infecting wounds to visible scarring, cigarette smoke can lead to vascular constriction, reducing the speed with which a body works to repair such injuries.


This is a condition that involves the inflammation of blood vessels and affects blood flow to both hands and feet. This can even lead, in extreme cases, to ulcerated fingers or toes.

Other possible effects of smoking on your skin

Having examined some specific diseases, let’s consider how smoking can have deleterious effects on the skin’s appearance…

Premature ageing and elasticity loss

Consider the number of times you would repeat the action of drawing in the nicotine through pursing your lips while smoking a single cigarette. Hugely multiplied over time, this action can cause vertical wrinkles around your mouth. The development of crow’s feet around the eyes are often also more evident in smokers. Sagging of the skin can appear in areas such as upper arm and chest as smoking also affects the skin’s elasticity.

Tarring and staining

You’ll notice the yellowing of the skin on fingers that have many years of cigarette-holding behind them – and this is virtually impossible to clean. Heavy smokers can also have an unhealthy and uneven pallor to their skin.

Astonishingly, it’s been assessed that there are over 7000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, and around 250 of them are recognised as being poisonous! Men’s health is a passion for us – and we hope for you. So, simply put, smoking’s surely a no-no!

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