The top skincare problems for men, and how to easily fix them!


All men experience issues with their skin, that’s just how life is, from acne, sensitive skin, dry skin, sunburn etc, there are many skin care problems for men! While most men might think there is something wrong with their body, there are many naturally occurring skin concerns that don’t require medical intervention, just a good skincare routine.

Below we take a look at the most common skincare problems for men, explain the reasons why they might be occurring, and show you the easy way to address these issues.

Dry skin

Dry skin is a very common skin care problem for men. Skin can feel dry, appear flaky and irritated, and this can affect the entire of the face and neck. The dryness in your skin may just be your skin type, or it could be due to environmental factors, such extreme exposure to heat (think hot showers), or problems with your basic health. Dry skin is often a sign of dehydration, which can occur after a long flight or excessive alcohol consumption, for example.

This common skin issue is easily cared for by natural and organic skincare, like moisturisers and serums, designed to specifically treat dry skin. Cleansing your skin is also important, so opt for a product that promotes hydration rather than drying.  Remember that moisturising isn’t just for your hands and face, lather up and apply moisturiser all over your body, especially if you suffer from dry skin

Oily skin

The complete opposite to dry skin is oily skin, where there is an excessive build-up in the skin of the body’s natural oils. Oily skin will appear shiny on the skin and can feel slippery and unpleasant to touch. Men with oily skin need to address this concern daily before the build-up becomes too great that acne and bumps occur across the skin.

Using specific men’s skincare for oily skin is important, as they are formulated to remove the excessive build-up without stripping away all of the oils in your skin.

Sensitive skin

Have you experienced redness in your skin or burning, or itching, after shaving? What you likely have is sensitive skin, in which your skin doesn’t like the products you are using, or is reacting to changes in your life and health. Sensitive skin may come and go, so it important to understand what triggers the change in your skin.

Many things can initiate sensitive skin, such as changes in diet, food intolerance’s and sensitivities, allergies and irritants found in skincare. However, not all skincare is harmful to the skin, so always opt for a natural, organic and allergen-free skincare to avoid irritating the skin.

Skincare Problems for men are common but don’t have to be, just get on top of them by following a sensible skin care regimen that is right for you.

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