Tips for looking after your skin while self-isolating

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With the increase of social distancing and the need for people to stay indoors to help and contain the epidemic of the Civid-19 virus, we find ourselves in a situation that is unprecedented and unknown and one that unfortunately effects the way will live our lives from working, spending time with family and also exercising.

With self-isolation in place we also find ourselves looking at ways to stay fit and healthy and remaining active to ensure will continue to look and feel good. This is where looking after your skin comes at play, often when staying indoors we are subjected to unhealthy conditions and situations such as recycled, or lack of quality air, unhealthy eating practices and reduced in natural sunlight limited us to natural Vitamin D, which can negatively affect your skin and overall health – both body and mind.

There are some things you can do to help reverse or prevent negative impacts of self-isolation on your skin and health.

Eat Healthy

With the increase of people either working from home or generally just staying in for self-isolation, there is temptation to constantly eat and, in many cases, reach for the most convenient source of food, often unhealthy snacks. It’s important to remember What you put on your mouth is just as important to what you put on your skin.

Getting the best nutrition and vitamins from food into your body is essential for maintaining healthy skin and body. Studies have been done and found that diets containing antioxidant rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, yogurt, eggs, vegetable oils, whole grains, tea and water benefits the skin while also avoiding refined processed foods like sugar and carbs also contribute to healthy skin and body.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping hydrated is imported, not only for your skin but for your body. Hydration by drinking water helps remove toxins for your body and in effect will help improve your skin complexion, combing water with some fresh lemon can also help build your immune system and combat infections.

Drinking water is great for healthy skin

Under current conditions and emphasis of keep hands clean, we are finding that the constant washing with soaps and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers causing skin to become dry and irritated. Maintaining fluid intake along while also applying quality non-toxic natural skin moisturiser will help your body and skin stay hydrated and look fresh and plump.

Stay Active

Gyms, Golf Courses, Pools, Boot Camps are all closed, so how does that effect skin? Well, research has shown that regular exercise has a direct impact to healthy skin. Working out or participating in some active activity like low impact exercises i.e. walking, Pilates or yoga, helps deliver blood to skin cells by moving oxygen and required nutrients to the skin while also helping remove toxins from the body that could damage the skin.

Avoid Alcohol

Want to look older than you really are? Then start drinking, drinking alcohol harms the skin . Alcohol dehydrates your body, including the skin and exacerbates inflammation of the skin from facial redness, Telangiectasia or and can worsen skin conditions, like acne and rosacea. In some cases, prolong binge drinking could translate to long term long-term skin damage and premature aging.

Maintain skin care regimen

Stay on top of your skincare routines while self-isolating or working from home. Its easy to let basic skincare and grooming routines left behind because of being less social, limited access to barbers and let’s face reality, you’re not supposed to be heading out anywhere if your following the rules. But this shouldn’t stop you from looking after your skin, you’re not going to be isolated for much longer (here’s hoping) and instead you want to be sure that after the next few weeks or months you will be heading out of your home fresh faced and ready to face the new world. When you’re in isolation, be sure to cover the basics and wherever possible, use natural skincare products.

  • Cleanse your skin (morning and night)
  • Exfoliate your face / body (Once or twice a week)
  • Moisturise your face, hands and eyes ( morning and night)

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