Men’s Skincare Tips: Keeping handsome skin

Men's Skincare Tips

While women tend to make their skincare regimen a priority, men need to give their’s more attention. Naturally, a man is a creature who prefers a simple approach to skincare that is less time consuming and easy to follow. Here’s a breakdown of easy tips to maintain handsome skin and see how beneficial a good male skincare regime is.

Cleanse the skin

Cleansing the skin is a must and it should be done every morning and evening before going to bed. In fact, the skin is naturally exposed to various forms of dirt through pollution, smoke from cigarettes, car exhausts and room deodorisers. When these unseen particles land on the skin, they can cause serious damage. This is why we recommend cleansing and washing the skin twice daily. Additionally, the skin should be cleanser on a daily basis to remove excess skin oil. Always remember to use a high-quality natural skin cleanser, these may cost a little more but your skin and your health with thank you.

Moisturise the skin

Men should moisturise often, especially as most men shave their faces regularly. When shaving faces using razor blades, the scraping removes some necessary skin oils, drying the skin out. The subsequent application of alcohol-based aftershave lotion can further dehydrate the skin. This means that using a natural botanically enriched moisturiser is even more important.

It’s advisable to go for a moisturiser that can protect the skin from direct sun rays or even better use SPF on top of your skincare. The sun’s damaging rays when not protected can cause skin aging, wrinkles and an increased risk of skin cancer.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing the skin surface to remove dead skin cells. This too allows the new skin cells to grow. Naturally, the human body exfoliates your skin on its own, but, as we get older, the rate of exfoliation process slows down. We need to help the skin exfoliate by scrubbing it gently to avoid damaging skin cells. Before doing exfoliation, consider choosing an exfoliant product with natural scrub particles, ie wall-nut shell, which are vital in skin smoothening while eliminating dullness. Avoid the scrubs with synthetic particles, these tend to cause issues for those with sensitive skin.

Applying lip balm

Keep those lips plump and soft. Lips age with time by losing collagen. Unlike women who take advantage of lipsticks, lip liners and lip glosses, men rarely use such products. Like the skin around the human eye, lips also lack sweat and oil glands. Additionally, lips lack melanin, which is a protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. For this reason, lips need special attention and care by applying a lip balm throughout the day.

In general, maintaining a man’s skin handsome is simple, provided men understand what they need to do in observing skincare. Browse our website today to indulge in some great male skincare products.

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