When should you wash your face?

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Washing your face is one of the simplest yet effective ways of managing your skin’s temperamental condition and high nurturing demands. However, what men’s skincare experts hotly debate is the ‘when’ to wash your face. Between mornings, evenings, and every hour in between. To dispel any myths, we share with you the exact facial cleansing routine every man needs, and the additional times you should incorporate cleansing outside of your daily routine.


Upon waking in the morning is one of the best times to wash your face, using natural, organic skincare products. This initial wash addresses any bacteria or impurities that built up during the evening, especially the natural pollutions that comes from your pillowcase and bedding. A morning cleanse also leaves your skin feeling fresh, which helps to prepare you for a stressful day’s grind.


One of the most crucial times of the day to prioritise skin cleansing is in the evenings. From the natural environment, our skin accumulates layers of dirt, pollution, product build-up, sweat and oil. These impurities need removing before bed; by cleansing before sleep. You allow your skin to better repair itself overnight. You’re also eliminating the transfer of these irritants from absorbing into your bedding.

After exercise

Thanks to a productive sweat session, our skin becomes covered in sweat, dirt and oil, as well as other bodily fluids we sweat during a workout. While this is entirely unavoidable, we can address the issue of a build-up of these pollutants in our pores by adding a facial cleanse into our post-workout routine. More than ever, it’s imperative to use an organic facial cleanser; as your skin becomes aggravated and inflamed thanks to your workout, ideally you don’t want to worsen the situation with irritating skincare.

After product application

Most products we apply to our skin, with the exception of natural and organic skincare, aren’t meant to remain on the skin for an indefinite period or to be left on without cleansing. These products contribute to clogged pores and irritated skin, so they need to be removed after the use is over. Such products include sunscreen, makeup, face paint and high-level sun protection, such as zinc.

Before skincare application

One of the essential steps to effective skincare application, such as moisturising or using facial masks, is cleansing. When you wash your face it removes any barriers between the products and your skin, priming the skin for the skincare application, and ensuring their use is extremely efficient.

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